Our Team

by admin, February 10, 2015

Jay Zier

21 years of pool building experience, Jay has worked in every facet of pool construction from design to build. More than just the face of Zier Pools Inc. Jay’s vast knowledge is derived from building 1000’s of pools in his 21 years in pool construction. Jay’s personal involvement in each build is evident in the customer service he provides, and the attention to detail he demands. Jay’s reputation over his 21 year career is flawless, and he is more than willing to provide references from the largest pool vendors in the San Diego area and from clients he has personally worked with.

Gerry Hernandez

10 years of experience working within the pool construction business. Gerry has worked in sourcing material, design, and sales. Gerry knowledge base reaches beyond construction as he has experience sourcing materials related to pool construction.  Gerry’s work experience with one of the largest pool construction companies in the United States helped him build a foundation of consistency and efficiency. His design experience in 3D modeling helps clients understands the structural components as well as the functional design elements that best utilize the space in their backyard.

Freddy Keiaho

5 years of pool building experience. Freddy’s experience in pool construction begins from the ground below, as a majority of his experience is with hands on construction of swimming pools. Freddy’s primary responsibility in Zier Pools is maintaining compliance with the State and ensuring that Zier Pools is running as efficiently as possible. His work experience with Fortune 40 companies helps Zier Pools maintain a standard of consistency and accountability that far exceeds the industry norm.

John Matthews

With over 20 years of experience in business management, marketing and technology, John’s expertise adds additional depth to the Zier Pools team. John understands how important process and accountability are to a fast moving business and helps all Zier Pools team members work as effectively and efficiently as possible. John works to ensure that all deadlines and timetables are met and that serving the customer is always our top priority.