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Little story about who we are and what we do
The man, the myth, the swimming pool building legend, Jay Zier has personally built 1000’s of swimming pools over his 20 plus years in the swimming pool builder industry. Zier Pools was born out of Jay’s desire to live the American dream and own his own swimming pool construction company. Jay had all the swimming pool building knowledge and wisdom that comes with 20 plus years in the industry, but he lacked the time necessary to make things happen. To fill those gaps he turned to his friends and family. He needed someone to help homeowners realize the potential in their backyard. So Jay asked Gerry Hernandez to join his team. Gerry’s calm demeanor and design genius helped him become one of the biggest swimming pool construction producers in Southern California. It is a well-known fact that Gerry’s demeanor is the inspiration for the common pool slang, “Cool as the underside of a Baja-Shelf”.  Still needing the parts to make his dream go, Jay turned to his family. He convinced his two brothers-in-law to help him. John Matthews is the tech wizard who organizes the pandemonium the Internet can create and does so with a technical and methodical approach. John can actually herd cats, this is a true statement, just ask him about it. Finally, Jay needed someone to GSD, Get Stuff Done. So, he asked his Super Bowl Champion brother-in-law, Freddy Keiaho, to organize the day to day of Zier Pools. You may see Freddy making the sub-contractors do “up downs” when they are behind schedule. If you don’t know what “up downs” are, simply throw yourself on the ground, and get up as quickly as possible.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read about us, and how we got started. We are Zier Pools, but more importantly we are brothers, husbands, fathers, and men of God. We would love the opportunity to make a “better everyday” for you, by creating something special in your backyard.

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